Meeting Agenda – Tuesday, May 3 at 4 p.m. – Larrick Center Court End Ballroom, MCV

Senators – our last Faculty Senate Meeting of the academic year is tomorrow, May 3, 2016, from 4-6 p.m. at Larrick Center, Court End Ballroom, MCV.


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  • Call to order – Holly Alford
  • Minutes April 5th meeting – Scott Street (10 mins.)
  • Guest: Budget update – Scott Street and Brian Daugherity (20 mins.)
  • Senate Business
    • Elections – June Nicholson (10 mins.)
    • Shared Governance Update – Mary Secret (20 mins.)
    • Resolution for David Fauri – Mary Secret and June Nicholson (10 mins.)
  • President’s Report Holly Alford
    • Change in HR and Evaluations (10 mins.)
    • BOV Luncheon
    • Committee Chairs
  • Roundtable Discussion: Goals for next Year –  Holly Alford and Scott Street

Title IX training reminder + Denim Day April 27

Faculty: as you are aware, the Title IX training called “Not Anymore” with additional content for employees is required of all employees — faculty and staff as well as student workers and part-time wage employees. It will take approximately 45 minutes to complete and should be completed by April 30, 2016 in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Access the employee Title IX training.

Wear Denim April 27 to support survivors of sexual assaultVCU is also embracing the Denim Day Campaign as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. To show solidarity with survivors at VCU and across the globe, all faculty and staff are encouraged to wear blue jeans to work on Wednesday, April 27th, 2016. Throughout April, a number of events will be occurring in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The Wellness Resource Center offers on-campus, confidential support for survivors and allies of survivors who have experienced sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking.

Agenda for Senate meeting April 5, 2016

Agenda for the full Senate meeting on April 5 at Monroe Park Campus Student Commons Forum Room from 4-6 p.m.:

Weekly updates from Provost Hackett

Via the Provost’s website:

This month I celebrated my one-year anniversary as provost and vice president for academic affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University! This is an amazing university.


In the spirit of transparency I’m launching the Provost’s Weekly Update (online at to provide regular updates on activities within academic affairs at VCU as well as current issues or events related to academic affairs. I hope that, in addition to keeping you better informed, this communications approach will encourage discussions with me, the academic leadership team and each other. Remember, you can always contact me through email ( and via Twitter (@VCUprovost).

Read the first weekly update, focusing on administrative hires.

Summary of March 1, 2016 meeting

VCU Campaign (Marti Heil)

Development Faculty, Staff and Retiree Campaign presentation

  • Faculty campaign runs from April 5th through May 15th, but any gift made by a VCU or VCU Health faculty or staff member or retiree made to support VCU this fiscal year will count in this year’s campaign.
  • You can give support to the VCU or VCU Health entity of your choice, including:
    • Fund for VCU
    • Schools and units
    • VCU Athletics
    • VCU Libraries
    • VCU Massey Cancer Center
  • You can give anonymously, if you’d like, but please participate and donate at whatever level makes you comfortable.  Participation is the goal, and we want all faculty to participate!  Faculty participation shows we believe in VCU’s mission and demonstrates to potential donors that VCU is one of the best possible investments for their philanthropic support.
  • Please note that the comprehensive fundraising campaign launches September 22–24.
  • Nursing and Education were praised for their history of giving.
  • Faculty can give online through payroll deduction or via credit card, and checks may be submitted to one of the VCU affiliated foundations.

Service Learning & Community Engagement (Cathy Howard & Lynn Pelco)

Service Learning and Community Engagement presentation

Provost’s Report (Gail Hackett)

  • Promotion/tenure decisions are being finalized in the coming weeks.
  • The search for the dean of the College of Humanities and Sciences continues, and announcements on the visitation schedules for the four finalists should come out after Spring Break.
  • Work on improving diversity on campus continues as well (hiring, course content, campus atmosphere, etc.).
  • The state government is looking towards 3% pay increases for faculty/staff in 2016, but VCU will likely need to find some of that money (i.e., it won’t be fully-funded by the state).  Things are still looking good for 2% increases in 2017 (as previously announced).
  • Next year, we’ll start looking harder at measures of student success.  More information to come in the near future. [“looking at gateway courses” was mentioned several times]
  • Real World Experience Requirement
    • If a unit already satisfies this requirement, nothing will be added.
    • How many students are already doing something that would satisfy this requirement?
    • Guidelines need to be created to set the framework for what we expect of a real world experience requirement.  [must be “a high-impact educational experience”]
    • Dr. Hackett introduced the new Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Deborah Noble-Triplett.  Deborah will be co-chairing a task force related to the Real World Experience Requirement.
    • President Rao wanted this new requirement to start in Fall 2016, but Provost Hackett informed him that it would be more realistic to begin with the entering freshman class of Fall 2017.  He agreed with that plan since it gives more time to identify the resources needed to ensure that the programs to support this requirement are meaningful and successful.
    • Schools and departments will need to decide how to incorporate the real world experience into their curricula (or perhaps VCU will handle it university-wide).  The approach for including the requirement into the curriculum has yet to be decided.
    • Concern was expressed by faculty that the new requirement was not arrived at through standard shared governance and faculty-driven curricular processes.  Dr. Hackett mentioned that, as president, Dr. Rao is within his rights to provide his vision and direction for the university.  We, as faculty, have the opportunity to shape how we implement his vision.

Minutes of January 26th Meeting (Scott Street)

Shared Governance Philosophy (Mary Secret)

Shared Governance Presentation

  • Mary provided some background on how various committees of Faculty Senate and University Council have been working together for the last few years on creating a Shared Governance Philosophy.  The intent of the philosophy statement is to:
    • standardize statement to facilitate clear communication about meaning of shared governance
    • for use in Faculty Handbook and unit by-laws
    • reinforce VCU commitment to shared governance
    • seek approval by University Council at April or May meeting
    • A copy of the Shared Governance Philosophy document is available on the Faculty Senate website along with the other materials for the March 1st meeting.
  • Several faculty members spoke out in support of this document.  Mary mentioned that the goal is to have the statement approved and then included in all unit governance documents.

Nomination Committee Report (June Nicholson)

Nomination Committee presentation

  • The nomination committee presented the following slate of nominees for 2016–2017 officers:
    • President:  Holly Alford
    • Vice President:  Scott Street
    • Recording Secretary and Treasurer:  Brian Dougherity
    • Corresponding Secretary:  Michael McVoy
    • Monroe Park Campus Representative:  Jennifer Wayne
    • MCV Campus Representative (shared duties):  Lisa Brown & Nancy Jallo
  • Biographical statements for each nominee are available on the Faculty Senate website along with the other materials for the March 1st meeting.
  • June Nicholson, chair of the committee, provided thanks to nomination committee members Mary Secret and Carmen Rodriguez.

Faculty Senate President’s Report (Holly Alford)

  • June Nicholson will be inducted in April to the Virginia Communications Hall of Fame.
  • Human Resources Redesign:
    • We hope to have a presentation at the April 5th meeting regarding this plan.
    • Provost Hackett added that as a Tier III institution, VCU can break away from the state systems.  We’ve done so with technology and finance, but we haven’t yet for human resources.  We now plan to do that to free up the ability to reclassify our staff and give us the freedom to create a new structure that can accommodate the needs of the university.
    • President Rao hired a special assistant for three years to work on this redesign project.
  • Inclusiveness Council has been meeting and is meeting weekly to actively drive changes related to diversity and inclusive initiatives.
  • The Board of Visitors has asked Faculty Senate to give a presentation on faculty success stories.  The two chosen programs will be:
    • the Standardized Patient Simiulation Program (Dr. Aaron Anderson)
    • the Virtual Interprofessional Geriatric Case Project (Dr. Peter Bolling).
      Dr. Bolling and Dr. Anderson will give brief presentations on what they and their students do followed by a conversation during the BOV luncheon.