Agenda for leadership group meeting 9/16

Faculty Senate Leadership Group Agenda
Tuesday, September 16, 2014, 4-6 p.m.
Larrick Center, Church Hill Room, MCV

I. Overview of Agenda – June Nicholson
II. Minutes of Sept. 2 Senate meeting - Mary Secret
III. Grievance Operations - Marilyn Miller
IV. Senate Committee Update - Holly Alford
V. GPI and related issues - Holly Alford
VI. Wal-mart - Mary Secret
VII. Briefing President Rao’s Visit to Senate September 30 - June Nicholson and David Fauri
VIII. Senate Agenda September 30 - June Nicholson
IX. Senate Budget and Planning - June Nicholson, David Fauri and Bob Andrews
X. Adjournment

Provost Wiencek’s presentation from September meeting

Interim Provost Wiencek sent along slides from his talk at last week’s meeting [PDF]. Text of the slides:

Budget Issues

  1. Cuts to budgets for next two years: 5% and 7%, total over $20 Million
  2. UBAC reconstituted
  3. New Budget Model

2015 UCI Bicycle Race Championships

  • Classes cancelled week of race, Sept 19-27
  • Start semester one day earlier than planned (Wed – August 19th)
  • Follow the Monday class schedule on that first day of class
  • No reading days/Fall break
  • Project based learning and outreach activities encouraged – seed funding will be announced
  • Further communication forthcoming

CTE => ALT Lab


Diversity & Inclusion in Healthcare First Open Forum

The Division for Health Sciences Diversity is pleased to announce the series, Diversity & Inclusion in Healthcare Open Forums. The first forum is:

The “D” Word: Does Diversity Matter in the Health Professions? 

Wednesday, Sept. 17 from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

Larrick Student Center

Please join for an interactive panel discussion with campus diversity leaders examining how diversity currently impacts your life and practice. Refreshments will be served immediately following the discussion.


Shared governance presentation and case studies

Yesterday Allen Lee presented to the senators on Cases of Shared Governance from a Faculty Perspective, Compiled by Members of the Faculty Senate Committee on Academic and Professional Status. The document gives a definition for shared governance, case studies for shared governance, and suggestions for next steps.